State Leaders Made Tough Choices

We all face difficult choices. We all have to make tough decisions, especially in the face of tough financial circumstances. As CEO of the region’s largest health care provider, I struggle with ways to keep our budget in line with our mission of providing quality care, close to home, while exceeding patient expectations.

Now that the dust has settled and the legislature has adjourned, I want to take a moment to commend the work of our state legislative delegation. Faced with a $9 billion shortfall, the Governor and state legislators made some very tough and controversial decisions. And not everyone agreed with the outcome. For example, none of us in the hospital business agreed with the across-the-board 5 percent cuts to provider rates.

Whether or not you see eye-to-eye with the overall budget, you should know that our state delegation paid close attention to how the belt-tightening was going to impact rural healthcare facilities. After meeting with them and staff, I am convinced that they are looking out for the condition of healthcare in our community and that this was (and remains) a top priority for Speaker of the House David Gowan, Senator Gail Griffin, and Representative David Stevens. During the debate on tough and broad cuts, Gowan, Griffin and Stevens never lost sight of their commitment to quality healthcare for us. For that, our community owes you all a tremendous debt of gratitude.

Dr. Dean French, MD

CEO, Canyon Vista Medical Center

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