Congratulations to Business Complex Tenants Southern AZ Acting & Productions on their Film Premiere!

There’s a new player in town striving to harness Cochise County’s latent film industry in the form of Southern AZ Acting & Productions.  The film production company will be premiering its first film Saturday evening at Uptown 3 in Sierra Vista.

Southern AZ Acting & Production’s maiden venture is the 17-minute picture, “The Warning,” a film about a cursed house that takes over the lives of its inhabitants. It is written and directed by local actor and company founder David Horn. Horn partnered with fellow local actor Nikki Heinrich to attempt to create an infrastructure in Cochise County to develop actor and filmmakers. That saves them from having to shuttle back and forth for hours on Interstate 10.

“I’ve driven to L.A. a number of times and it gets kind of old,” Horn said.  “If we can get something going in this community, it gives people an outlet here to start and be able to move in that direction and get more experience and training.”

Horn and Heinrich only founded Southern AZ Acting & Production in October 2014 and have already run through three sessions of classes that entailed how to properly audition for roes and improv acting. Their next class is set for February, where they will produce a short film that their students will write and act in.

The duo produced “The Warning” before they coached up their first student for Southern AZ Acting & Productions. They hope that the film’s debut and the publicity that follows will widen their talent pool for future productions and students. Students of Horn and Heinrich also get first look in auditions for the company’s future projects.

For their fist go at producing a local film with local actors, Horn wrote “The Warning’s” script in 150 minutes and shot it in the span of a Friday and Saturday night that consumed all of 20 hours. It only took him 30 hours to edit the film to its credit-to-credit runtime of 17 minutes.  Currently, Horn is adapting Heinrich’s concept for screen for Southern AZ Acting & Production’s next film, “Forgiven.” “Forgiven” ups “The Warning’s allegory to include the importance of homeowner’s insurance b focusing on domestic violence.

They predict their student collaborative film will be a little less heavy.

“As we train the actors, they can decide what they will do with that,” Heinrich aid. “We’re like a jump-off point for them.”

Doors open for “The Warning” at uptown 3 at 7 p.m. with tickets available $3 in advance and $5 at the door.

Southern AZ Acting & Production is a Cochise County based Film & TV Acting School/Film Production Company.  They offer classes for children through adults.  Contact (520) 812-6591, or


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