Aegis USA creates more than 200 new jobs in Sierra Vista

The future for one of Sierra Vista’s major employers is looking bright through 2019, and potentially to 2025. Aegis USA recently shared with the Sierra Vista Economic Development Foundation that they are in the contracting stage with a major insurance company to provide customer service for roadside assistance.

The new contract is expected to start in October, so the community should begin seeing help wanted ads for the newly created positions soon.

The relationship between SVEDF and Aegis dates back to 1998 when the SVEDF created the opportunity for Aegis to bring hundreds of jobs into the community. Since then, the two organizations have worked to keep their relationship profitable for both the City of Sierra Vista and Aegis.

“Bringing a range of industries into the city is a small piece of creating a rich community”, said the SVEDF director Mignonne Hollis. “Considerable effort goes into guaranteeing that companies are satisfied and profitable so they remain in the community.”

Sierra Vista and its employees will certainly benefit from the retention of Aegis as it is a company that has a lot to offer. They provide a wide range of customer care services to many of the world’s leading brands.

The Sierra Vista center currently has 490 employees that provide services for a Fortune 500 company that is one of the largest health insurers in the US, a non-profit regional health plan, and a nationally advertised long-term care referral service.

The Fortune 500 company and the non-profit regional health plan have been with Aegis for more than six years. Aegis has increased business with their current clients, which has created more than 100 new jobs. The referral service is new for this year and that contract requires nearly 100 jobs.

For the most part, the additional 200 jobs added to the center are full-time permanent positions with benefits.

“Every potential client that we take into Sierra Vista is very impressed with the center as well as the area, said Kevin Nolan, Head of Marketing for Aegis USA. “We have been in Sierra Vista for 15 years and we’re honored to have deep roots in the community.”

There is no official word on the number of jobs that will be needed to satisfy the new contract for the roadside assistance services, but it is projected to put the facility between the 500 to 600 mark in terms of the number of jobs within our community.

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