Mignonne Hollis Appointed to State Aerospace & Defense Commission!

The Sierra Vista Economic Development Foundation (SVEDF) is pleased to announce that Executive Director Mignonne Hollis has been appointed to serve on Governor Janet Brewer’s Aerospace & Defense Commission.

“The timing of this commission is critical”, says Ms. Hollis.  “There are several bills floating around the House which pertain to privacy issues.  Serving on this commission gives me an opportunity to strengthen the industry.”

After two years of persistent work around the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) industry and the creation of a Cochise County UAS testing and training facility, Ms. Hollis is enthusiastic about utilizing the committee to positively impact the aerospace industry.

“Our foundation is committed to establishing the UAS industry within our community, but we also want to be an active member in ensuring the future of the UAS industry is one of longevity and prosperity”, says SVEDF President Lynn Mattingly.  “Ms. Hollis’ appointment to the Aerospace and Defense Commission will ensure that we have the ability to actively and positively affect the future of this industry, which we also hope will directly affect our region.”

The Arizona Aerospace and Defense Commission is the State’s sole coordinator of all aerospace and defense related commercial partnerships.  The commission consists of fifteen members including nine private sector members with knowledge and expertise in aerospace & defense appointed by the governor.

One advisory member is appointed by the Senate president, one appointed by the speaker of the House, one is a director of a privately funded economic development organization, two advisory members from a state university, and the Arizona Commerce Authority president & CEO.


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