Executive Director Mignonne Hollis speaks about the future of Arizona in The Republic

Arizona in 2020? State leaders share their vision

The Republic | azcentral.com Fri Sep 20, 2013 5:20 PM

What do you want Arizona to be in 2020, and what steps do we need to take to realize the vision?  The Republic asked leaders across the state to briefly answer that question.

New Arizona: Think Outside the Valley
Mignonne D. Hollis is executive director of the Sierra Vista Economic Development Foundation.
By 2020, Arizona will emerge as the economic leader by leveraging rural and remote Arizona to its fullest capacity.  A successful state economy is a diversified economy. It should be recognized that rural economic development still plays a central role in Arizona’s $200 billion economy.  Much attention has been focused on densely populated urban areas. Maintaining and building upon the industries that leverage our state’s abundance of natural resources and creating high impact employment and investment outside the metro areas should be equally important. We need to encourage sensible economic development within our urban centers and also around our smaller more remote communities which contribute significantly to Arizona’s gross state product.  We need to support policies that provide incentives and encourage a diversity of businesses to locate and remain in Arizona for the long term, thereby enhancing Arizona’s competitive efforts to attract and retain high wage jobs and encourage capital investment. Public policy needs to be broader in its context and include industries where rural Arizona can compete.

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