Fort Huachuca Lobbyist RFP






The Fort Huachuca 50, through collaboration with three critical stakeholders in the Sierra Vista, AZ area, is seeking a consultant to assist the community in identifying ways to help retain and expand the missions currently assigned to the U.S. Army installation of Fort Huachuca.  The largest employer in Cochise County, with an economic impact of $2.4 billion annually within the State of Arizona, the continued presence of Fort Huachuca is an integral part of the Sierra Vista and Cochise County community.

Fort Huachuca has experienced its share of mission changes over the years, most relatively minor.  With the federal budget reductions planned and currently underway, to include a potential BRAC round in the near future, the community seeks an experienced consultant to help elevate the visibility, strategic advantages and military value of the Fort to the Department of the Army, Department of Defense, Congress, and potentially other federal agencies and organizations who could benefit from tapping into synergies offered on the installation.  The Fort Huachuca 50 has established a jointly funded group, the Fort Huachuca Mission Development Group (hereinafter called “Mission Group”), together with the City of Sierra Vista, the Sierra Vista Economic Development Foundation and the Greater Sierra Vista Chamber to retain specialized consulting assistance to achieve this purpose.  The Mission Group hopes the consultant can help achieve the following benefits:

The Mission Group hopes to establish a multi-year relationship with the successful proposer to sustain this effort over time.


The Mission Group is comprised of the following entities:

Fort Huachuca 50 — Formed in 1987 as a 501(c}6 corporation, the Fort Huachuca 50 is the only private organization whose sole focus is on the continued successful presence of Fort Huachuca. The Board of Directors is composed of nine Board members with three ex officio members. The organization is limited to 75 members, and is financially dependent on dues and donations. The board and its members consist of community leaders and stakeholders committed to the Fort. The mission of the Fort Huachuca 50 is to promote the economic welfare of the Sierra Vista area by supporting the continuing development of Fort Huachuca, and also ensuring that the community provides the support needed to sustain the installation and its soldiers, civilians, contractors and their families on a long-term basis.

City of Sierra Vista – Incorporated in 1956, the City of Sierra Vista is the largest city in Cochise County with a population of 45,736 and serves as the regional center of Southeastern Arizona.  The City is organized as a Council-Manager form of government with a Mayor and six Council Members, all elected at large for four-year terms on a two-year staggered basis, and a professional City Manager appointed by the City Council.  The Mayor and City Council define the strategic direction and set public policy for the government while the City Manager administers that policy and oversees the day-to-day operation of the city.

Sierra Vista Economic Development Foundation (SVEDF) – The SVEF is a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation that provides information and resource services to professionals from Sole Proprietorships to Fortune 500 companies. Their mission is to preserve and increase the economic strength of the Southeastern region through actions focused on business retention, recruitment, expansion, and business alliance development.

Sierra Vista Area Chamber (SVAC) – The SVAC is a non-profit organization of business owners and professionals who promote the civic, commercial and industrial progress of the community. The SVAC is operated by a Board of Directors, member volunteers and paid staff. They are primarily financed by the annual investments of its members, sponsorships, and various community events.



  1. Outcomes.  Consultant will develop and implement a strategy that will achieve the following benefits:
    1. Assess mission mix on Fort Huachuca, research and become familiar with potential threats to reductions in missions, and identify potential competitors; identify and recommend actionable steps to assist in mitigating threats.
    2. Assess strengths of Fort Huachuca missions, characteristics, and synergies; identify and pursue potential mission expansions through the Department of Defense, other federal agencies, or related industry partners.
    3. Raise awareness of the military value, missions, and unique characteristics of Fort Huachuca to the Army, Department of Defense, targeted Congressional leaders, targeted federal agency leaders, defense contracting industry leaders and others as strategically identified by consultant.
    4. Assess deficiencies within community, regional or statewide strategy/approach related to retention and expansion of Fort Huachuca missions, and develop and assist in implementation of actionable steps to address same.

B.   Expectations.  Consultant shall meet, at a minimum, the following expectations as part of mission retention and expansion strategy implementation.

    1. Develop and maintain positive working relationships with key officials on Fort Huachuca, Department of the Army, Department of Defense, Congressional Committee Staff and others as appropriate.
    2. Schedule, attend and advocate at meetings of key officials as specified in Section II.A.1;
    3. Be fully briefed and prepared to address issues regarding Fort Huachuca environmental obligations that are perceived to limit mission expansion;
    4. Identify and recommend involvement/attendance of community leaders and stakeholders at appropriate meetings when needed;
    5. Recommend and develop key messages, talking points and other communications strategies that will result in appropriate “leave behind” materials for meetings, outreach pieces, or other collateral materials; write primary copy for communications pieces recommended within strategy, submit for design and implementation by Mission Group.
    1. Gather and report intelligence on threats and opportunities, including monitoring of applicable federal legislation and formal agency regulations;
    2. Provide advice and advocate on relevant political and policy matters;
    3. Complete necessary lobbying reporting filings and registration.
    4. Maintain close contact with the Arizona Congressional Delegation and their staff.
    5. Consult with Mission Group to develop the strategy, work plan, and timeline to successfully complete the Scope of Work.
    6. Translate final strategy into written document for submittal to Mission Group.  Periodically review and update strategy as needed.
    7. Provide verbal briefing on activities and accomplishments to designated Mission Group contact at least once monthly.
    8. Provide written report to Mission Group at least quarterly on progress and accomplishments of strategy tasks and actions.



In an effort to assist selected firm in achieving the outcomes specified in this proposal, the Mission Group will provide or facilitate the following:

  1. Provide the history of involvement with base realignment and closure by the Sierra Vista community, including past actions and outcomes.
  2. Share information gathered regarding mission value of Fort Huachuca as compared to recently released criteria established by the Department of the Army to oversee force reductions.
  3. Facilitate appropriate meetings or tours on Fort Huachuca and with key stakeholders in the community as needed to educate firm.
  4. Provide detailed briefings on environmental and water mitigation issues from the perspective of the community, including assessments of threats that could jeopardize missions on the Fort.
  5. Provide or retain communications professionals to develop recommended marketing materials for DoD/federal/industry meetings, community and stakeholder education, and other purposes as specified.


Interested firms shall submit a proposal that includes all of the following components:

  1. Cover letter – Summarize the proposal and how it will satisfy the stated goals and scope of work.
  2. Company background — Provide a description of your firm’s experience. Also include information about use of sub-contractors, if any.  Describe notable successes of previous engagements.
  3. Qualifications of key personnel – Resumes listing experience with research, lobbying, military assessments, military knowledge, federal connections or other applicable background information.
  4. Description of project understanding, method and approach – Provide a detailed description of how the RFP goals and each item in the scope of work will be addressed; description about how the proposed solution meets the stated requirements and how the proposer will insure the stated project goals are met.  Include timeline for first 120 days of work, if selected.  Description must also include:
  • An assessment of your firm’s ability to meet the goals and outcomes specified in this proposal.
  • A description of your perspective on ……
  • A statement regarding your firm’s demonstrated ability to forge bipartisan support.

Not to exceed 25 pages

  1. References – Provide names, addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers for at least three references of clients whose projects compare in type, size and complexity.
  2. Cost – Proposal should include a total not-to-exceed contract proposal amount to meet the minimum requirements. Please be very explicit in listing and describing any services or items not covered in the proposal fee amount, including travel and other expenses. Proposal fee should be broken down to include major fee categories.

Upon selection, final contract amount will be subject to negotiation to determine exact scope of services to be provided, fee and duration; final contract outlining all relevant terms shall be executed by both parties. Selection does not guarantee award of the contract. In the event the Contractor and Fort Huachuca 50 fail to agree to a contract, the Fort Huachuca 50 reserves the right to choose from remaining respondents or issue another Request for Proposals.

Proposals must be submitted via e-mail to Glenn McDaniel at  by close of business August 19, 2013, and one hard copy with original signature must be postmarked by the same date and mailed to:

Fort Huachuca 50

Attn: Glenn McDaniel

PO Box 2898

Sierra Vista, AZ  85636


All candidates being considered shall be evaluated using the following criteria, with criteria listed in priority order:

  1. Ability of the proposing firm to provide the required services.
  2. Costs for providing the required services.
  3. Demonstrated successful experience in providing services similar in scope and complexity.
  4. Demonstrated familiarity with state and local issues of primary interest to the Mission Group.
  5. Experience and qualifications of personnel to be assigned to the service.
  6. Feedback received from references and other sources regarding the quality and performance of the firm.
  7. Ability to communicate proposal in a clear and concise format.


The Mission Group will evaluate all written proposals within 45 days following submittal, and based upon content and criteria, reserves the right to require a formal presentation by finalists.  Finalists will be provided a minimum two weeks to arrange for presentation.  All expenses associated with in-person presentations are at the sole expense of proposing firms.


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